Friday, July 17, 2009


i havent posted anything in awile because frankly i havent heard anything thats really wowed me enough to share with you fine folks.

today i heard about a band called Damaar. they were a 3-piece Black Metal outfit from Lebanon a few years ago that managed to release 1 demo that im sharing here today.

ive read a lot of rumors about these guys about how they were finally able to produce their demo and smuggle it OUT of the country disguised as a techno compilation. original copies actually had roughly 40 minutes of electronic music at the start of it to throw people off the scent.

after relocating to austria they were finally able to get some help in releasing a proper demo to the world before breaking up.

"I Conjure Thee Appear"



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  2. Oh man, this album is brutal! One of the meanest sounding vinyls I have, destroys ears from start to finish. I heard alot rumours about them too before picking it up, one being the "techno summgle", I'm so glad it made it to our shores. The picture of the band members in the vinyl has the bassest, "Heathen", sporting a REVENGE shirt, and that's exactly the type of relentless audio assult this album brings forth. Seen another copy of the vinyl down at Black Raven for 14 bucks, if anyone's looking for it in Victoria.

  3. seriously raven might have one? because this is something that absolutely needs to be supported

  4. Yeah, Maybe even two copies... that's where I got mine.