Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was trying to think of what sort of release i would start with and i think nows a good time to continue down the trail Goatsblood made for us with a little more east-van grown sludge.

Cambodia was only around for about 2 years, releasing one demo entitled Weight of Ages. A 20 minute dying groan of sludge/doom. although the metal-archives lists them as active, they have all moved onto other projects in Mendozza, Grass City and Fuck Off! and are indeed dead. luckily, a few years ago i had a friend visiting Vancouver for a weekend and picked this up for me as a gift after seeing it in a used shop. Thanks Holly!

Cambodia - Weight of Ages - 192kbps
I Conjure Thee Appear

Ear Raid
Worship (Message Bina, there might be a few left somewhere)


Just found a bunch of old photos, came across one of my friend puking his guts out front after Goatsblood played Logan's Pub many years ago. So here you go, love it or hate it. Thankfully, back when I had a fake ID they played Victoria enough, that there was never a d(r)ull moment .

GOATBLOOD - S/T (2006) - 320kbps
Remastered in 2006 by James Plotkin (Khanate/Sunn/Earth/Isis)
"I Conjure Thee Appear"

Song Preview
Ear Raid

I believe this is long sold out, check Ebay?

Monday, June 29, 2009


For our first music post, the Wizards of Bung bring you the forgotten French prophets... SOGGY!!!

This is an essential piece of music history that no BBQ should be without.

The band parted ways in July 1982 after more than a hundred concerts, later that year they were supposed to be the opening act for Judas Priest... leaving the world to wonder what would have become of SOGGY after that European tour.

French Blog with great photos of the band

Here's a short biography approved by the band, I'm not going to bother to paraphrase for you... I got beers to kill.

SOGGY - LP (2008) - 128kbps :( That's all you need. This shit is RAW!
"I Conjure Thee Appear"

Song Preview - "47 Chromosomes"
Ear Raid

Limited Vinyl LP (500 copies) !!! WORSHIP.
Here's a write up about the last year's LP release, from someone who knows his shit.

Lead singer Beb was a crazy fucker, below is video of "Waiting for the War", shot for the TV channel FR3 Reims...