Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was trying to think of what sort of release i would start with and i think nows a good time to continue down the trail Goatsblood made for us with a little more east-van grown sludge.

Cambodia was only around for about 2 years, releasing one demo entitled Weight of Ages. A 20 minute dying groan of sludge/doom. although the metal-archives lists them as active, they have all moved onto other projects in Mendozza, Grass City and Fuck Off! and are indeed dead. luckily, a few years ago i had a friend visiting Vancouver for a weekend and picked this up for me as a gift after seeing it in a used shop. Thanks Holly!

Cambodia - Weight of Ages - 192kbps
I Conjure Thee Appear

Ear Raid
Worship (Message Bina, there might be a few left somewhere)

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  1. Holy Shit! Bina fuckin slays on this track... awesome original sounding vocals... I remember seeing them live a long time ago but never got to hear a recording.... kicking myself for not picking a copy up when I saw one. Wicked post!!!